FRACTAL SYMMETRY is a boutique publisher of quality imaginative writing, based in Argyll, Scotland.

We began with eBooks but are increasingly moving into paperbacks and audio books.

It’s early days, but we’re building our catalogue, so check back for news.

We are currently optimised for small print runs, though larger print runs are possible.

We provide a publishing service including editing, proofing, eBook narration and e-publishing. We particularly appreciate the imaginative and the quirky, as long as it’s beautifully written. We appreciate cross-genre books which are a problem for major imprints. The only caveat is that, to publish, we have to LOVE the writing.

For audio books we have a sound-treated recording studio with excellent recording and mixing equipment, and two talented narrators (one male, one female).

If you’re looking for quality imaginative writing, or have written something you want published which fits that bill, we'd love to hear from you.