New Website

Well, the new website is up – although by no means finished! Thanks to the people at SiteOrigin for another nice piece of WordPress goodness. We’re still getting the hang of this WordPress theme, and the website will evolve as our understanding does, but we think it’s a big improvement.

Still to come are things like a subscription page, links to audio book excerpts etc., submissions page etc.. Hopefully all up before July, although Covid-19 has meant changed priorities for a while.

According to the WEF ‘In the UK, fiction sales climbed by a third and children’s educational titles went up 234% to the third-highest level on record in the final week of March, according to a BBC report. Similarly, in the US there was a 66% lift in sale of children’s non-fiction books in the week ending 21 March, according to the NPD Group’.

Might be a good time to expand into children’s books …

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